To begin ...

As the twentieth century fades out
the nineteenth begins
it is as if nothing happened
though those who lived it thought
that everything was happening
enough to name a world for & a time
to hold it in your hand
unlimited.......the last delusion
like the perfect mask of death

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Announcement: Poems for the Millennium Launch & Reading at Beyond Baroque

[A note after the fact: A review of this reading appears on Douglas Messerli's Green Integer blog:, dated February 17, 2009.]

On 13 February, Friday - 7:30 PM Beyond Baroque, Los Angeles will host a launch for Poems for the Millennium Vol III: The University of California Book of Romantic & Postromantic Poetry, with editors JEROME ROTHENBERG & JEFFREY ROBINSON, featuring the Editors with WILL ALEXANDER, SIMONE FORTI, DAVID MATLIN, and DOUGLAS MESSERLI.

Like its two twentieth-century predecessors, Poems for the Millennium, volumes 1 and 2, this gathering sets forth a globally decentered approach to the poetry of the preceding century from a radically experimental and visionary perspective. The book’s 900 pages offer a range of poets and movements and a series of links between romanticism and the multiple modernisms to which it gave rise – from canonical poets like Blake, Goethe, Shelley, Hölderlin, Hugo, Pushkin, Whitman, Dickinson, and Baudelaire to lesser known but equally innovative figures like Dionysios Solomos (Greece), Cyprian Norwid (Poland), Sousandrade (Brazil), Adah Isaacs Menken (U.S.A.), Arno Holz (Germany), and Yosano Akiko (Japan). In the spirit of Rothenberg’s earlier volumes, Poems for the Millennium, volume 3 also includes ancient and tribal works newly recovered in the nineteenth century and numerous experiments with written and spoken language that form a dynamic linkage with the experimental poetry of a full-blown modernism and postmodernism still to come.

Beyond Baroque is at 681 Venice Boulevard in Los Angeles, and the Millennium event, with copies of the book available, is free and open to the public.


Anonymous said...

Stein wrote a reply to Picasso's portrait of her I forget the title of the poem I forget a lot of things these days (and nights) and somewhere she wrote a short "portrait-in-words" a sketch of him and Matisse and one other painter.

Picasso it seems to me was a prose-poet who did a bit of painting and sculpting and a bit of erotic "art" etc

thanks, a terriffic "teaser" post

amazon will be busy tonight!

and, hey didn't Paul Blackburn translate some of Picasso's poems?

cheers, Ed

Lisa Mansell said...

Were you thinking of:

"If I told him would he like it. Would he like it if I told him.
Would he like it would Napoleon would Napoleon would would he like it.
If Napoleon if I told him if I told him if Napoleon. Would he like it if I told him if I told him if Napoleon. Would he like it if Napoleon if
Napoleon if I told him. If I told him if Napoleon if Napoleon if I told him. If I told him would he like it would he like it if I told him.
Not now.
And now.
Exactly as as kings.
Feeling full for it.
Exactitude as kings". etc..

It's called (I think) a "Completed Portrait of Pablo Picasso"

Anonymous said...

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