To begin ...

As the twentieth century fades out
the nineteenth begins
it is as if nothing happened
though those who lived it thought
that everything was happening
enough to name a world for & a time
to hold it in your hand
unlimited.......the last delusion
like the perfect mask of death

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Jerome Rothenberg: Victor Hugo - A Portrait

making art out of his morning coffee grounds, ashes and matchsticks


A black & white world, more beautiful than any scorched by color. But the beauty here is finite – immediately an act of the imagination, not as we see (in color) but transformed, by subtraction, into a foreign world.

I am aware of it -- & you – but you, I dare to think, are far from it – out of the picture, cut from sight. This is another subtraction – the person who should be there but who is missing – truly. For this I bite my hand & I return to sleep.

Scarce & so received
as to be harmless,
his hands held open,
gilded, like a saint.
Who is this cavalier?
I hesitate
to name him – one
without a name.


Phanero Noemikon said...

I love the book the did
of his drawings. This is very
nice, thanks.

Unknown said...

It looks oustanding, specially the display pic.

public speaking

Arness.Ovine said...

althogh I don't know... :)
but it's nice..
I like..