To begin ...

As the twentieth century fades out
the nineteenth begins
it is as if nothing happened
though those who lived it thought
that everything was happening
enough to name a world for & a time
to hold it in your hand
unlimited.......the last delusion
like the perfect mask of death

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jerome Rothenberg: Some Recent Publications, for the Record

While I’ve tried to present Poems and Poetics as more of an ongoing magazine or (in part) an anthology-in-progress than as a personal journal or weblog, I want to take this opportunity – for the record – of indicating some recent publications of my own that may be of interest to some of those who have otherwise followed my workings & musings.  The entries below are gleaned from work published over the last two years, the online ones easy enough to link to, the others involving various degrees of searching.  It should be obvious that any such gesture would have been impossible in the years before the internet, when many of us were first reaching out toward that community or uncommunity that may still continue to escape us. (J.R.)

books in english

 Gematria Complete, Marick Press, 2009.

 Romantic Dadas, artist’s book, with Marco Gastini, Juliao Sarmento, Elana Herzog, Miguel Angel Rios, and Yao Jui-Chung, Dominique Liquois, Collectif Generation, Paris, 2009.

 Poems for the Millennium, volume 3: The University of California Book of Romantic & Postromantic Poetry, with Jeffrey Robinson, 2009.                                              

 Concealments & Caprichos, Black Widow Press, Boston, 2010.

 The Jigoku Zoshi Hells: A Book of Variations, Argotist Ebooks, Liverpool, 2010,  at
  Retrievals: Uncollected & New Poems, Junction Press, New York, 2011.                

 Divagations, A Chapbook, with drawings by Nancy Victoria Davis, in Big Bridge (on-line), number 15, spring 2011.   


Siembras, translation of Seedings into Spanish by Antonio Díez Fernández, Baile del Sol, Tenerife, 2010.                                                                                                                           
Ojo del Testimonio: Escritos Selectos 1951-2010, translated into Spanish by Heriberto Yépez, Editorial Aldus, Mexico, 2010.

 25 Caprichos a partir de Goya, translation into Spanish by Heriberto Yépez, Calamus, Oaxaca, & Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes, Mexico, 2011.                   
JOURNAL PUBLICATIONS                                                                     

 “Horse Songs 1, 10-13” and “Total Translation,” in Bombay Gin, Naropa University, ed. Andrew Schelling, 2010.                                                                                                        

 “A suite of Translations from Nakahara Chuya,” with Yasuhiro Yotsumoto, in Big Bridge (on-line) number 15, spring 2011.                                                                

 “Un poema de castores plus Diane Rothenberg, Nuestra Experiencia Entre los Indios Seneca,translated into Spanish by Kurt Hackbarth & Tania Román, in Ciclo Literario, número 100, Oaxaca, September 2010.                                                           

“25 Gematria,” translated into Dutch by Kurt Devrese and into French by Auxeméry, in Alligatorzine (on-line),, 2010.

La Poética del Chamanismo,” translated into Spanish by Heriberto Yépez, in Sibila, Brazil, 14 de dezembro de 2010.

 “The Waiting Game,” “The Power of the Dead,” Lorca’s Spain: A Homage,” “The Burden of All Poetry,” & “Concealed in Words, Unopened,” in Poesis International, translated into Romanian by Chris Tanasescu, Bucharest, December 2010.

“20th Century Unlimited,” “That Dada Strain,” “Glass Tube Ecstasy,” “I Come into the New World,” tr. into Catalan by Montse Baste and Hara Kraan, in Nit de Poesia al Palau, Labreu Editions, Barcelona, 2011.

 Shaking the Pumpkin Revisited: Some Poems & Ritual Events from the Indian Americas,” in Poetry International, number 17, San Diego, 2011.                                      

“A Round of Renshi and the Poet as Other: An Experiment in Poesis,” (with David Antin talk-piece, “hiccups”), in Critical Inquiry, volume 37, number 4, summer 2011.            


Mark Weiss, “Windows & Mirrors: An Interview with Jerome Rothenberg,”  in Kaurab: A Bengali Poetry Web-zine,, March 2010.

Interview by Joaquim Roglan, in La Vanguardia (magazine), Barcelona, August 21, 2011, online at rothenberg-probablemente-el-inicio-de-todo-fue-un-ritmo.html.                


Yves di Manno, “Rothenberg: A Postscript,” in Yves di Manno, Objets d’Amérique, Série américaine, José Corti, Paris, 2009.

David Noriega, “Jerome Rothenberg’s ‘total translations’ of Navajo Horse Songs,”, Poetry Foundation, 2009
Charles Bernstein, on J.R.’s anthologies, in “Nuestras Américas: nuevos mundos todavía en formación,” S/N New World Poetics, volume 1, number 1, 2010.

Stephen Fredman, “Jerome Rothenberg’s ‘Symposium of the Whole,’” concluding chapter in Contextual Practice, Stanford University Press, 2010.

Tyrone Williams, review of Poems for the Millennium, volume 1, in Kaurab online,, March 2010.

Jake Marmer, “Jerome Rothenberg: Khurbn and Poetry as Language of the Dead” (with two poems from Khurbn), in Jewish Daily Forward (on-line), May 5, 2011.  

Josef Horáček, “Total Performance: Jerome Rothenberg’s ethnopoetic translations," Translation Studies (Routledge), volume 4, number 2, May 2011. 

American Book Award (Before Columbus Foundation) for Poems for the Millenium, volume 3, 2010.

Medalla al Mérito Literario, International Poetry Festival, Chihuahua, Mexico, 2011.

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