To begin ...

As the twentieth century fades out
the nineteenth begins
it is as if nothing happened
though those who lived it thought
that everything was happening
enough to name a world for & a time
to hold it in your hand
unlimited.......the last delusion
like the perfect mask of death

Monday, February 2, 2015

Jerome Rothenberg & John Bloomberg Rissman: Poems for the Millennium, volume 5: the Table of Contents (part one)

Adolf Wölfli, Campbell’s Tomato Soup, 1923
 [The book itself – Barbaric Vast & Wild: A Gathering of Outside & Subterranean Poetry from Origins to Present – has been announced or re-announced for March publication by Black Widow Press.  What follows is the first half of the table of contents, with the rest to appear here in a week or so.] 


               Pre-Face 2014 

               Thanks & Acknowledgements

Gallery One
A Book of Visions 

(ca. 13,000 B.C.)
Figures in the Dark: The Dancer at Trois Frères

(Egyptian, Pyramid Texts, 2400-2300 B.C.)
The Dead King Hunts & Eats the Gods

(Hebrew, 10th Century B.C.)
From The First Book of Samuel 

Kassandra (between 1200 & 800 B.C.) per Aiskhylos [Aeschylus] (525 B.C. – 456 B.C.)
Kassandra’s Cry                                                                              
Ezekiel The Prophet (Hebrew, fl. 590 B.C.)
The Vision of the Chariot
Empedocles Of Akragas (Greek, ca. 490-430 B.C.)
On Nature: Fragments 1-10 

(Pali, 1st Century B.C.)
from Theragāthā and Therīgāthā 

John Of Patmos (Greek, 1st Century A.D.)
from The Book of Revelation 

(Coptic, ca. 2nd /3rd Century A.D.)
from The Gospel of Judas                                                              

(Coptic, before 350 A.D.)
from Thunder, Perfect Mind

Ibn Tarafah (Arabic, 543-569 A.D.)
A Hanging Ode
(Soninke, Africa, 4th -12th Century A.D.)                                                          
Gassire’s Lute
Amirgen White Knee (Old Irish, 7th Century A.D.)
The Cauldron of Poesy
Caedmon (Old English, 7th Century A.D.)  
Poem & Vision 
Han-Shan (China, 9th Century A.D.)
from The Cold Mountain Poems

Husayn Ibn Mansur al-Hallaj (Persian, 10th Century A.D.)
from The Diwan

Hildegard Of Bingen (Germany/Latin, 1098-1179) 
from Scivias: Part One, Vision 3, the Cosmic Egg

Dante Alighieri (Italian, 1265-1321)
Inferno, Canto IV: A Paradise of Poets
Ikkyū (Japanese, 1394-1481)
Poem with Skeletons
Drukpa Kunley (Tibetan/Bhutanese, 1455-1529) 
The Sutra of Sex

Kabir (Hindi, 1440–1518)
Six Bhakti Poems 

Michel De Nostredame [Nostradamus] (French, 1503–1566)
from The Prophecies
Thomas Rawlin (England/Latin, fl. 1611)
An Alchemical Poem: A Magicall Ænigma
Abiezer Coppe (English, 1619–1672) 
from A Fiery Flying Roule and A Second Fiery Flying Roule

Jacob Frank (Polish, Yiddish, 1726-1791)
from The Words of the Lord

(Mayan, ca. 17th Century)

Incantation for Jaguar Macaw Madness, for the Desire this Madness Brings
Karawe (Siberia/Chuckchee, fl. ca. 1896)
Things Seen by the Shaman Karawe
(English, 16th /17th Century)
Tom O’ Bedlam Songs
Christopher Smart (English, 1722-1771)
from Jubilate Agno (Rejoice in the Lamb)

Joanna Southcott  (English, 1750-1814)
At the Time the Horror of the Devil Was upon Me, I Felt I Could Not Bear My Existence : Therefore I Desired Mrs. Underwood to Take Away Every Knife Out of The Room …

William Blake (English, 1757-1827) 
from The Marriage of Heaven & Hell

Friederich Hölderlin (German, 1770-1843) 
Palimpsest: from Mnemosyne

Emily Dickinson (American, 1830-1886) 
Much Madness is Divinest Sense, & Other Poems
Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900)
from The Madness Letters, Signed The Crucified

Arthur Rimbaud (French, 1854-1891)
Adolf Wölfli (Swiss/German, 1864-1930)
Three from Adolf Wölfli 
Aloïse Corbaz (Swiss/French, 1886-1964)
Texts from a Sketchbook: The Theater of the Universe

Antonin Artaud (French, 1896-1948) 
from Interjections 

María Sabina (Mexico/Mazatec, 1888-1985)
from The Mushroom Velada
Gallery Two
A Book Of Voices
Antoine ó Reachtabhra [Blind Raftery] (Irish/Gaelic, 1784-1835)
I Am Raifteiri
(Pali, 1st Century B.C.)
Uppalavanna Sutta: Sister Uppalavanna

William Langland
(Middle English, ca. 1330 – ca. 1400)
from Piers Plowman: “I Am Imaginative” he said
Mirabai (Rajasthani/Hindi, ca. 1498 – ca. 1557)
Three Songs
Gwerful Mechain (Welsh, fl. 1462-1500)
Ode to the Pubic Hair
Francois Villon (French, ca. 1431 - after 5 January 1463)
The Ballad of Villon & Fat Madge
L’épitaphe Villon: Ballade des Pendus
(English, 17th Century)
The Maunder’s Praise of His Strowling Mort: A Canting Song
John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester (English, 1647-1680)
A Ramble in St. James’s Park
Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz (Mexico/Spanish, 1651-1695)
Two Dialect Poems

Giuseppe Belli (Italy/Romanesco, 1791-1863)
Six Roman Sonnets: for the Pope

(French, 18th Century)
Qu'une Bâtarde De Catin: Underground Verses from 18th-Century France
Kobayashi Issa (Japanese, 1763-1827)
Fourteen Haiku
Ernest Jones (English, 1819-1869)   
Song of the Low

(English, traditional)
Songs of Experience & Desperation, from The Real Mother Goose
Joe Hill (American, 1879-1915)
The Preacher & The Slave
(French, May 1968)                                                                                                     
May 1968 Graffiti
Steve McCaffery (Canada/West Riding of Yorkshire dialect, 1947-) 
The Kommunist Manifesto or Wot We Wukkerz Want

(English, 2011)
from Tweets from Engels a Poem
Johnny Cassidy (Irish, 20th Century)
Irish Traveller Narratives & Poems
(Chinese, 20th Century)
Eleven Pai-Hua (Colloquial) Poems
(Chinese, 1910-1940)
Angel Island Poems
(Morocco/Berber, traditional)
The Song of the Azria

(Andaluz Gypsy/Spanish, 20th century)
Deep Song
Ned Kelly (Australian Irish, 1854/5-1880)
from The Jerilderie Letter 10 February 1879
Arthur Flegenheimer [“Dutch Schultz”] (American, 1902-1935)
from The Last Words of Dutch Schultz

Jacob Carpenter (American, 1833-1920)
from Deaths on Three-Mile Creek 1841-1915

(English, 20th Century)
The Death of Mickey Thump, a Funeral

Charles Reznikoff (American, 1894-1976)
from Testimony – The United States (1885 - 1915) Recitative

Jean Genet (French, 1910-1986)
from Our Lady of the Flowers

Binoy Majumdar (Bengali, 1934-2006)
Six Poems from Phire Eso Chaka (Come Back, O Wheel)

Ahmed Taraoui (Algeria/French, ca. 1940-  )
from The Ahmed Fragments
Harry Smith  (American, 1923-1991)
from American Folk Music: A Collage

(Chile/Argentina, contemporary)
Three Mapuche Poets

Taller Leñateros Workshop (Mexico/Tzotzil Maya, contemporary)
from Incantations: Songs, Spells and Images by Mayan Women

Essie Pinola Parrish (California/Kashaya Pomo, 1902-1979)
Essie Parrish in New York

Ko Un (Korean, 1933-)
from Maninbo (Ten Thousand Lives)

Shmuel Marvil (Poland/Yiddish, 1906-1943)
"Poetry in Hell"

[to be continued]

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